Aggressive & Effective Game Closure

 Closing a game may look simple while watching the professionals but it is honestly one of the hardest parts of the game. So many factors come into play in a matter of seconds. Whether you’re the team trying to hold off the aggressors and kill the time, or you’re the aggressors trying to dig out the anchors, there are so many circumstances that are going to decide whether it’s done effectively or not.

This week we will cover the Aggressors view. If you catch yourself in a must-win situation and the time is clicking, then there are many things that you need to process in a very short time!

*These factors include such things as*

  • Making smart moves and maintaining equal aggression with your teammates.
  • Using your pods on your back from the inside to the outside (Inside pods are always easier to get shot when making a forward movement)
  • Knowing where all of your enemies are and what they are doing and where they are looking.
  • Always ensure one player on your team is alive, if you know for a fact you’re the last player than by no means, should you ever risk your own life, because without you, then obviously there is no chance of winning the point.
  • Make moves off the created chaos. Have a code for when you move onto the other team's side of the field and whether that is the left side or right side. This will help your other teammates play off of that move. 
  • Protect your front players and consistently let them know you have them covered and what you are watching or shooting at. 
  • Moving gun up and always looking for the next kill, not just the primary kill. If two front guys can get two kills each it leaves two more players to get one kill and one player to push the button or grab the flag. 

*Drills to incorporate these skills*

  • Start off playing attack and defend points with set game time countdowns.
  • Set up closing game scenarios, putting people in their bunkers and giving the team a set amount of time to win.
  • Issue penalties as they would be issued if someone were to cheat. That way all realistic factors affect the drill.
  • Keep stats on what bunkers are safe, where the kills come from, which play was most successful and which players performed best. 

The Defensive guys will also learn how to hold out games, and aggressors learn how to close the game. Be sure to switch players, bunkers, and all. That way every scenario is tested thoroughly because you never know what will happen when it comes down to that last point.

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