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As a continuation of last week's drills, we are going to build upon the basics.  These next two drills will elevate your game by making you more comfortable with your marker and improving your first shot accuracy.  It is important to remember that Paintball games can be altered by a single well-placed shot. Therefore, comfortability and first-shot accuracy are essential to improve your performance on the field.

By working on snap-shooting from various positions, not only will you improve your accuracy, you will also learn how to use every angle to your advantage.  Beginners often get caught up with only playing on their feet. This causes them to get stuck in their bunkers during gunfights which can be incredibly disadvantageous. Changing angles and elevation in your bunker while snap-shooting will help you dominate gun battles, or better yet, get a key elimination on the field that will propel your team to victory.

This next drill is especially helpful in live game scenarios.  Sometimes staying put in a bunker during a gunfight isn’t the best idea.  This can vary depending on the field layout and game situation; however, it is sometimes necessary to advance to a new bunker in order to give your team a chance if your backs are against the wall.  The concept behind this drill is to not only work on first-ball accuracy, but to work on that accuracy while moving.  You might be able to buy yourself some extra time on your way to the next bunker by being able to snap at your target and then fire the next ball dead on your target while moving.  This extra time will allow you to get to a safer bunker, or once again, get a key elimination that can change the outcome of the match.

By implementing these drills into your practices and pre-game warmups, you will become a savvier player and your results will improve.  Stay tuned for future blogs that will discuss all things Paintball!

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