Start Low & Stay Low

Many fields require someone to edge and push the back center shooter off of their lane so that your front players will have a better chance of surviving to their primary bunkers.

Common issues you see are players tangled up, shoot each other, or get shot before the edger is able to put in the back center player. 

This is typically due to the initial set up on the starting gate. The edger should be behind the front runner and be able to stand tall to get his initial shots over any bunker blocking site of the back center player, and then continuing out making his angle even better.

The runner should start low and stay low. If you interfere with your edgers lane, not only are you making his job harder, but you’re putting yourself at risk.

It is always scary having someone shoot over your head, but if you want to make your bunker more successfully, then you need to trust your teammates and do your part.

*Practice this with just a target on the other side, and do repetitive quick breakouts. Do the first few without shooting just to get the feel for it and then start using paint.*

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