Snap-shooting is one of the most crucial skills to train in paintball. Not everyone on the field will get to lane on the break, or play the snake, or bunker someone in every single point, but almost everyone will find themselves in a snap shooting situation in every single point they play. 
This drill is great for improving your muscle memory, your speed and form, and also your accuracy in every snapshot. I always suggest to starting the drill with a nice smooth and slow form and then as you gain experience try to speed up your snapshots. 
Place a target in a bunker that you are able to snap shoot against. Position yourself in another bunker (The further away the harder the drill). Head check one time to locate the target and then begin snap shooting with one shot at a time. You must hit the target with three consecutive shots to end the drill, a miss resets the count.
To make the drill harder you can increase the distance of the shot, decrease the size of the target, and you can always increase the shot count if it is too easy.



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