Communication: Strong Keywords

Communication is one of the most important skill sets in paintball and would require hours to break down the best ways to communicate. This video covers Strong Keywords to relay a full sentence of important information. The quicker the information can be relayed and processed, the faster you can react and win.



Common scenarios that can be put into strong keywords.

  • Dorito side of the field is clear. (No opponents on that side of the field) 
  • Snake side of the field is clear. (No opponents on that side of the field)
  • 4 eliminations, only 1 player left. (One word that means the team only has one body alive)
  • We are in their snake 
  • We are in their doritos
  • You're alone on that side, stay alive don't over battle. 
  • Bunker out the player in front of you. 
  • My gun is down, I need to fix it. Protect yourself in the meantime. 

The list could go on for ever, but it is best that when your team comes up with these codes you all write them down and what they mean. Then practice using them as much as possible so it becomes habit. This will help your team communicate important information faster than ever. 





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