Reasons For Hipshooting

A lot of times people will see a professional player shooting from the hip, and typically it is one-handed so people look at it and assume it’s pure laziness. Little do they know that players do this for several reasons, so I will list my top reasons for shooting from...

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Every Player Should Have 2+ Lenses!

  One of the most overlooked pieces of equipment is the lens. However, this should be one of the most vital and overstocked products that every player should have. Considering we are often playing in lowlight and bright light situations, in the rain and late evenings, the more options to...

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Pro Tip: Non-verbal Communication

Non-verbal Communication Non-verbal communication is often overlooked by tournament paintball players. It’s a great way to communicate during certain circumstances. Whether you’re baiting an opposing player, trying to be stealthy, or even if you’re having trouble being heard. So much information could be completely lost if you choose to not...

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Pro Tip: Record Yourself Playing.

Record Yourself Playing One of the best things you can do to become better at paintball is to record yourself during drills, practice, and gameplay. It is great to be able to review yourself and critique yourself whether it is your form, your speed, your playing style and so much...

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Cross Body Snap-Shot

Cross-Body Snap-Shot The cross-body snap-shot is a very difficult shot and takes a lot of practice to be able to perform this shot with accuracy, speed, and without showing too much of yourself or your gun. The reason for the cross-body snap-shot is so that you can very quickly transition...

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