Visualize Success & Take Action


Everyone has their own ways of mentally and physically preparing for matches. For me, I like to visualize the match or point actually being played. I run through so many scenarios in my head, and try to find ways to solve them before I ever step onto the field. Considering the vast amount of variables in a single match you can't mentally prepare for them all, but if you can play through as many of those scenarios as possible you'll react quickly and without hesitation. 

Try to also think about your position, your role, and what your team needs you to do to be successful. Make sure you understand exactly what you need to do. If you are the person attacking the snake, convince yourself that no matter what you are getting in that snake and attacking until you just can't push yourself anymore. If you are controlling the other team's Dorito side, tell yourself you are a superior gunfighter, your shot is always deadly, and no one should want to battle you. 


Before the match, I watch paintball videos, especially highlight reels. It gets me amped up, it makes me eager to get onto the field and battle. Music has never been something that really amped me up, and one day our games were delayed so I watched some paintball videos and it just clicked. It hits me harder than any energy drink, or pre-workout ever could. I get a rush of anticipation, and my mind clears right up, all I can think about is winning. 

Try to incorporate some of these methods before your next match. 

1) Watch paintball videos before your match.

2) Tell yourself that your an amazing player, and you have all of the tools and skills to be a champion.

3) Study and understand you position and job on the field.

4) Visualize every scenario that may happen and find solutions to overcome those scenarios. Whether it's being down on bodies, needing a quick point, holding the line and killing time, or digging out a crucial kill. 






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