NXL Richmond Virginia 2020 Canceled

Tom Cole President of the National Xball League participated in a live Q&A video to discuss the current paintball situation and the upcoming events. During the video, he informed the paintball community that the NXL Richmond Virginia event will be canceled. He also spoke about a few different options that they are exploring to get some paintball tournaments actively planned. 

Tom explained that the rules and regulations for the larger events are going to be the last restrictions lifted during this pandemic, so they plan on creating a small series of regional events that will host the normal NXL teams but in a smaller capacity and the events will be held at actual paintball facilities rather than large city landmarks.

As far as the World Cup is concerned they do plan on hosting the World Cup just like normal and actually allowing it to be larger if the restrictions are lifted by then. Keep #Paintballstrong and do your part to keep everyone positive and looking forward to the upcoming events! 

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