ICPL Florida 10man Event 

The hype is real. After we played the Iron City Classic the whole Virtue & Bunkerkings crew was itching to get out there and play some more 10-man paintball. This time though we did something a little bit different. We invited our dealers to come on out and get into the action with us. Jacob Edwards, Chris Williams, and I played alongside several of our dealers. 

We weren't expecting to go out there and dominate but instead to have as much fun as possible while getting to interact and hear from all of the various dealers about their stores and fields. It was awesome to not only share war stories from our matches but to make real friendships with all of these guys and to hear about how they conduct business and their thoughts on the paintball industry. 

Tom Cole and the rest of the NXL Classic staff did a great job turning a field that was not nearly ready to host any type of major event into a beautiful venue with some exciting fields. Our booth was just as large as normal and we had a steady flow of customers, we sold out of the NTR speed feed in a single day and a ton of our CMD Goggles which always makes the trip even better for us. We grilled and ate food in-between our games and literally just had a great time. 

Our hands and bodies may still be stained pink, we may have taken some bruises and lumps, but it was totally worth it and I am glad we were able to do it. Cheers to making life long friends and literally getting down and dirty in the trenches! Thanks to all that took part in this epic experience. 


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