Gun Control - How To Beat Tunnel Vision 

People often concentrate so much on aiming their shots that they miss what’s happening around them. The vertical feed helped teach people to shoot with both eyes open, but that still isn’t enough to stop the ordinary player from having tunnel vision. As you shoot, your eyes want to adjust on the target you’re aiming at and by doing so your eyes focus on a single distant object which causes you to lose sight of your surroundings.

This is the main struggle for most people who try to play over the top of their bunker for too long. The best way to break the habit of tunnel vision is simply by becoming one with your gun. Being able to shoot at a target accurately while freely moving your head around and scanning the field.

Some ways to practice beating tunnel vision. 

1) The more you use your gun the more natural it will feel and the more your aim will improve.

2) (Over the top of your bunker): Set up a target about 25 feet away, take a shot while aiming at it, look to your left and then to your right as if you are checking off both tape 50's and without looking at the target take a shot while looking at the left 50 and then again when you look at the right 50. 

3) (Playing the side of your bunker): Set up a target about 25 feet away. Take a shot while aiming at it, then look inside from your bunker-like you're checking off your teammate on the other side of the field and shoot a ball at the target.


  • *Use your phone or camera to record you so you can see how close you are if you miss and if you are missing to the left or the right of the target. This will help you identify what needs to be improved.
  • *A firm grip and steady pressure on your gun is a must, but a death squeeze will cause you to move because your muscles will tense up when you look away and cause you to pull or push your gun from your target. 
  • *Use a metal target so you can quickly identify hits vs misses. 
  • *Wear your mask while performing the drill. This creates a true feel and normally people are better shots without masks so this will make the shot harder & more realistic. 

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