One of the most overlooked pieces of equipment is the lens. However, this should be one of the most vital and overstocked products that every player should have. Considering we are often playing in lowlight and bright light situations, in the rain and late evenings, the more options to see better should be a top priority. 

Every player should always at least have a lens for lowlight and a lens for bright light conditions. Having the proper lens can increase your chances of seeing paintballs in the air, catching glimpses of the opposing player exposing themselves, and providing you with a better experience overall. 

Players are often playing with lenses that have been overused and not properly handled, these lenses can have paint build-up, scratches, and even distorted spots due to the thermal lifting. All of those issues can cause you to play at a disadvantage. Do yourself a favor and play with the lenses that give you the best chances of winning! 



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